YAWAST is an application meant to simplify initial analysis and information gathering for penetration testers and security auditors.

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2 January 2020

YAWAST 0.11 Released

by Adam Caudill

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate release of YAWAST v0.11.0 - this is a regular release, as part of our normal release cadence. This is a feature and bug-fix release, adding a few new features and improving efficiency.

This version also includes a breaking change to the JSON file output; this changes the file to reference the hash of a HTTP request and response, and stores the actual value separately. This results in a drastic file size reduction for most web applications, as it is not uncommon for a single response to trigger multiple findings. While this does require any code that was written to parse YAWAST’s JSON output to be updated, we believe that the improved efficiency to justify this cost.

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